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Understanding "Love Blocks"

Learn exactly WHAT a "love block is.HOW its connected to your level of personal success. 

Stop Destructive Dating Patterns

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Finally, STOP the endless cycle of Attracting the "same guy with a different face" with my simple 3-step process!

Analyzing Your Personality

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Tap into powerful insights that can detect if your personality type is holding you back from attracting the love you desire

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Clearing Techniques

Powerful clearing techniques (that your mother didn't know) that will eliminate your love blocks forever!

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Feminine Activation System

Learn how to use your feminine energy to quickly manifest love before the holidays!

Refresh Your Online Dating Experience

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Ensure your dating profile is "love block free" so you can improve your online dating experience.

Powerful Healing Meditations 

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Participate in a healing meditations that will heal childhoods traumas keeping you stuck in the past.

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and if you're waiting for a SIGN to tell you IF you should get started on your love journey...

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Hi, I'm Shay!

America's #1 Love Coach and Certified Love Transformer®

I’ve dedicated my career to my passion of helping successful women release what’s standing in their way of true love.


My #DivaLoveFormula combines my personal experiences with scientifically proven solutions to help you attract and prepare for the love of your life. My method will help you achieve lasting outcomes in the shortest amount of time possible. 

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but you've been warned 

Until this very moment, you have consciously and subconsciously dimmed your love light and shut down very vulnerable parts of yourself. This decision has impacted your life and relationships - but it has also guided you to this service. Trust your intuition.


the good news is....

You are (literally) 2-clicks away from receiving all the tools from America's the number one love coach in the world, YOU WILL EVER NEED  to completely heal and transform your life and attract a quality man who will love your soul.



The Diva Love Method System

This includes 100 Audio & Visual Clips 

The Positive Mind Hypnosis Meditation Vault

Everything you need to keep on top of your new hyper-magnetic mindset.