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5 Traits of Powerful Women With Wife Energy

5 Traits of Powerful Women With Wife Energy

Wife energy… what is that? Is that some magical energy you give off when you are ready to be married?  Not quite. However, when you have it you are a man magnet.  Many powerful, successful and beautiful women I talk to think that those attributes are sufficient in keeping a man's attention. But, they are mistaken, they are enough to get a man's attention not keep. While beauty, success and being to rule a boardroom are nothing to shrug at you must dig deeper. There are many layers to being a woman and when you are woman glowing with wife energy these five traits take your compatibility with Mr. Right to a whole other level.  (1.) She knows her value. Not in a “holier than thou” kind of way, but she will not settle for less than she knows she deserves. She understands what she brings to the table and does not allow herself to be undervalued by anyone. She respects those around her and knows that she deserves the same. Knowing her value doesn’t mean she walks around with her nose turned up at everyone. It means that when she encounters a man (any one for that matter) she expects to be treated with respect, consideration and care. She will not be tolerated or handled.  (2.) She doesn’t compromise her standards. There is nothing inconsistent with the way she lives her life. She has set standards for herself and she lives them out daily. They do not switch up depending on what man she is dating or what group of friends she’s around. She prides herself on having certain standards when it comes to dating, marriage and sex. Her standards are where she will not compromise, not because she’s stubborn. Morally she has decided that she will live a certain way and that is important to her. Anyone who comes into her life will almost immediately realize this about her and if they mean well will respect and admire that about her.  (3.) She is Feminine. It’s her superpower in a relationship. Her femininity is like a super surge and magnetic all in one. Her feminine energy is meant to compliment a man's masculine energy. It is not supposed to be her masculine behavior against his. This will only create conflict and confusion. She is his balance. Being feminine is too often associated with being docile or weak. This is not the case. Being feminine means letting your “being” energy lead over the “doing” energy, in a relationship. This is allowing the man to take the lead. To be the chaser and initiator. This is most important in the beginning of dating, so he knows that you will be okay with him leading and being the head, eventually.  (4.) She knows when and how to be vulnerable. Again, not a weakness. Being vulnerable when in a relationship is actually a strength and really smart if your goal is to be authentic with your partner. To expose who you are, what you want, and what you need will allow you and your future husband to connect on a much deeper level than if you were to keep up the appearance of having all the answers and it all together all the time. That’s unrealistic and he’ll see right through it early on and it may or may not be too late to let him in. Willing to be vulnerable with someone also let’s them know that you trust them enough to open up. If he’s a good man he will appreciate it and do his absolute best to keep your trust and be mindful of your needs and wants.  (5.) She knows how to meet her man's emotional needs without compromising her needs. You don’t have to neglect yourself to be available for him. This will only create resentment and when the relationship ends (because it will eventually), bitterness. So… if she is glowing with wife energy while it’s important for her to be attentive to her partners emotional needs, she realizes that being attentive to her needs is just as important. With his emotional needs like encouragement, admiration and respect she will be sure to stay available and willing to satisfy those needs.  See… wife energy isn’t a magic fairy dust. Wife energy is illuminated from a woman who is sure of herself and sure that she is ready to be a wife. Are you confident? Are you ready?

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Vicky DeLeon
Vicky DeLeon
Jun 16, 2021

Totally in love with this post! Thanks for the share!!!

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