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Useful Tips Professional Singles Must Know! Part One

If you are like many busy, single professionals, you are most likely very busy and apprehensive about jumping back into the dating game. You may not even know where to start or how to navigate the new dating scene but if you are tired of asking yourself “Why am I still single?” or “Will I ever meet the right person for me?,” I have splendid news for you. Attracting love is as simple as science and online dating. I’ve got the right professional dating help formula for you to attract your soulmate in no time!

What Is Professional Dating?:

Professional Dating is when professional singles seeking love date intentionally to meet and eventually connect romantically with another professional single. Statistics show the odds are against professional singles in search of love, to find another professional single who matches them in status, class and education. However, with the right guidance, this does not have to be your reality. Take note of these tips to help you on your dating journey.

Tip #1: Go Online!

Attracting love can be as simple as going online. Online dating is up 36% and many elite singles report finding their soulmates online. You can join a quality online dating site. My top favorites are Match, Bumble and Elite. You can also join and join singles groups who host singles events on and offline.

According to Atlanta’s top dating coach, Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister, there is an art to online dating, and we should not take the process lightly. She is more than a professional dating coach for elite singles around the world, she is a Certified Love Transformer® who says most professional singles fail at setting up their profile correctly. The profile is the bait for attracting the type of quality match many high-value single women are searching for. When starting your dating journey, it is worth the effort to set up your profile correctly and even hire professional help to navigate the digital scene effectively.

Tip #2: Use Online Dating As A Tool.

Do your best to see online dating as a tool to help you become more clear about the characteristics you desire in your life partner. According to the Law of Attraction, we attract our experiences and the people who come into our lives like magnets based on our conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

If we are the magnet to the people we attract into our lives, online dating is a great mirror for showing you what you need to heal within you. If you have a pattern of attracting liars, what lie do you tell yourself regularly? Do you feel you aren’t good enough for a high-value man? Do you still have trauma wounds from childhood that attract dysfunctional men? How will you know what is left to heal unless your outer world shows you? Online dating fast tracks your awareness to your love blocks so you can attract a healthy relationship sooner.

Tip #3: Use Online Dating To Get Clear!

Online dating helps you identify traits within men that you like and don’t like. It helps you get clear about what characteristics you desire in your future mate that would make you happy long term. It is like walking into a buffet and trying various foods before buying. Make it fun and focus on enjoying the journey instead of arriving at a specific destination. You are not there to “find a husband,” even though that is highly possible. You are there to get comfortable dating, get clear about your desires and become confident in what you bring to the table that is worthy of attracting a high-value catch.

There’s more where that came from, divas, so stay tuned for the next three tips every single professional must know. Until then, check out Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister’s social media pages for more hot topics and weekly live events!

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