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Useful Tips Professional Singles Must Know! Part Two

If you haven’t checked out the first article, part one, you’ll want to read it now to get the first three tips from America’s #1 Dating Coach. Already caught up? Well, buckle your seatbelt for Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister’s next three tips! Prepare to have your mind blown!

Tip #4: Know That You Are The Prize!

Ladies remember: You are the prize! Date to evaluate not to qualify! If you are showing up to dates hoping to make it to round 2 like you’re competing on the show, The Bachelor, you are already setting yourself up at a terrible disadvantage. It is not your job to convince him why you are a great catch. Show up to have fun and to see if HE is worthy of your time, consideration or a second date. Smile, laugh and ask questions about his passions, likes and hobbies. Do not discuss your past, your exes or anything too personal. Bring your crown and confidence and know that the right guys will rise to the challenge.

Tip #5: Date 3 Men At A Time Without Sex or Guilt!

Most men have this concept down pat and will date multiple women without guilt. However, many women find this concept hard to wrap their minds around because of the archaic societal rules of how a woman should behave. Not only that, many women are confused on what dating really is. Dating is an interview process that is supposed to help you attract and select the best option for you. Just because you are dating someone does not mean that they have yet earned the job of becoming your man. If you are not in a committed relationship in which being exclusive has been agreed upon, you should not just be dating one man at a time.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: S-E-X! There should not be any sex when you are dating because it is important you keep a logical mind and use dating to get clear on your wants and don't wants.

According to Atlanta’s Premium Love Coach, Shay Levister, there are multiple benefits to dating three men at a time, and they include increasing your desirability by being less available to a man. You should not have enough time in your day to stare at your phone waiting for his phone call or text. You are a D.I.V.A. with a life. It also increases a good man's desire to pursue you. Men can instinctively pick up on if they are in competition with another man. Dating three men at a time allows you to be a laid-back catch who allows the fish to come to you, especially when a man is going through the pull-away phase or ghosts you. You'll be so busy entertaining your other options you won't even notice he’s gone!

Tip #6: Enjoy the process

As a high value single woman dating, you are about to embark on an exciting journey that will include many twists and turns. Many elite singles who date online report hating the process or experiencing dating burnout from going on endless dates that go nowhere. If you follow these tips and celebrity dating coach, Shay “Your Love Diva’s” advice, dating will become like your playground as you continue to discover more about and fall deeply in love with yourself. Make it fun and don’t take yourself or others too seriously.

Dating is all about making decisions that increase your chances of attracting ”the one” in the shortest period of time possible. Dating one man at a time is a waste of time and does not benefit you as someone who is learning more about yourself and growing closer to attracting the one.

Remember Shay’s 6 tips: Go online! Use online dating as a tool! Use online dating to get clear! Know you are the prize! Date 3 men at one time without sex or guilt! Enjoy the process!

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