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DIVA Diaries: Right Before My Very Eyes

The Diva Diaries is a weekly blog series chronicling the experience of a DIVA University student and client. For privacy purposes, the author chooses to remain anonymous, but in doing so, is able to candidly and unabashedly pour her heart out to readers while documenting her journey.

I have been watching the lives of my fellow DIVA University students transform before my very eyes. While things have been a little quiet on the dating front for me–as I’m taking a small breather for the holidays–things have been revving up for my friend, Annie.*

Annie began DIVA U around the same time I did. She had gotten out of a relationship a few months prior, and wanted to take the time to heal her wounds and become the best version of herself in order to attract her soulmate and live the life of her dreams. In DIVA U, that’s not a big ask–that’s the point of it!

When she and I crossed paths and began our friendship, she felt very trapped. She’s on disability from work and felt stuck. She was avoiding doing the work in the program and the darkness was swallowing her up. She couldn’t bring herself to face her ghosts on her own. But, the power of our friend group really motivated her to buckle down and get serious about completing DIVA University. So, she did. The healing process has been transformative for her. I got to witness her transformation firsthand in one of our group calls with Shay. She was crying and felt hopeless. She felt like she would be stuck in her toxic living situation for the foreseeable future and had no idea how to dig herself out. Shay looked at her and told her: If you don’t get on the bus now, you’re going to miss it. I can’t remember the exact words she used, but she was able to see into Annie’s heart–and her future–and empower Annie to take control of her destiny. Soon thereafter, Annie began apartment hunting, and she’s now living in her own apartment with no roommates. She is well on her way to starting a new career. And best of all–she is dating a wonderful man. Let’s get into that! I take all the credit for telling her to get on the dating apps to start putting herself out there to accept dates and to start putting what we’ve learned at DIVA U into practice. I watched her do everything Shay recommended–from wearing red to dating three men at a time in order to evaluate the best man for the job. She was dating three men and on a date almost every night it seemed. But one day, she mentioned a new name I hadn’t heard before: Brett. I was like, “Which one is Brett?” She said, “Oh, I think I forgot to mention him. He’s really nice, we met for coffee and I was surprised at how much cuter he was than his pictures.” Meaning–the old Annie may have never given him a chance had she come across him. But because her vibration is higher, she began attracting high-quality men. The name Brett started coming up more and more, and the other names she had been mentioning from her dates were starting to dwindle away. Annie and Brett connected really fast, and Annie was sticking to Shay’s rules of dating to a T. Pretty soon, Annie and Brett went from seeing each other once a week, to twice a week–they began attending church together on Sundays. Their connection was deepening on a soulful level, and Annie kept expressing to me how different this relationship felt for her. Around Thanksgiving, Brett told Annie that he wanted to see her more often–as often as he could get her. He said things to her like, “Where did you come from?” to which she replied, “I had to work really hard to get here.” And she’s not lying.

Last week, he asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. Her face lights up when she talks about him. She is falling in love, and from what I can tell, so is he. He recently told her that every time he sees her, he finds something new to adore about her. This weekend, he’s introducing her to his family. The best part? They haven’t consummated the relationship. They both agreed that they didn’t want a relationship based on sex, so they are waiting until the right time. I feel like it’s a true privilege to watch the effects of DIVA University play out exactly how Shay has been telling us it would. Annie and I have also realized through her experience that the rituals and spiritual practices of DIVA University don’t just stop once you find a nice boyfriend. This work is ongoing, and it will stay with us forever. We need to take care of our soul every single day through meditation, journaling, prayer, and manifestation. Shay has absolutely given us the tools to do so much more than finding a boyfriend. DIVA University sets you up for life—if you let it! Photo source: Ray Bilcliff,

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