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Drop the Type A Personality and Increase the Femininity When Dating

Drop the Type A Personality and Increase the Femininity When Dating

You’re amazing... You know it, your coworkers/employees know it, your friends and family know it (even if some don’t want to admit it). You have taken the obstacles in your life and created stepping stones out of them. So why is it that you keep coming up short when it comes to love? Why do the men that come into your life seem to be either lazy or put off by your strong personality? I have the answer. You may not want to hear it, but I ask you to pay attention, Diva. This could be the difference between staying single and finding your Mr. Right. Do you categorize yourself as a strong, successful woman who refuses to compromise? You know what you want, what you like and it’s your way or the highway? If so, there lies the problem. Before I continue let me add as a disclaimer that I am not saying you need to dumb yourself down. Be proud of your success and ability to navigate through a tough world. However, there is a time for that Type A personality, as it is described, but in a relationship- it can overpower your feminine energy. Yes, feminine energy. Not girly. Not weak. Not dainty. Feminine energy is powerful and is more effective in a relationship than the guarded wall of masculine energy you spend so much time holding up. Feminine energy is defined as being in a state of "being." You are allowing your man, experiences and life fill you up rather than being in "doing" mode is the masculine energy. When coupled with a man’s masculine energy you are able to create a cycle of satisfaction. The balance in your energies keeps him motivated, happy and interested. While you are left feeling loved, joyful and at peace. Now who wouldn’t want to feel that way instead of feeling like you have to be in control? Men who are left feeling like they are always competing with you for the masculine role in the relationship do one of two things. (1) They sit back, kick up their feet and let you lead. They see no reason in fighting you and become comfortable (too comfortable) with you taking charge of everything, resulting in you growing to resent him sooner or later. (2) He’s out of there. This man knows his value and understands what he brings to the table. He will not tolerate being made to feel less of a man just so you can feel in control. Now this man may try for some time if he really cares about you. But if things don’t change he will eventually leave. Diva, don’t be afraid to be soft, to be led and most importantly to be loved by a man who desires to. It’s okay to leave that bravado within those double doors at work. To come home and completely melt into the arms of a great man. Don’t deprive yourself of that. In my book A Single D.I.V.A.’s Guide to the Science of Attracting Love. I explain how to let your guard down and prepare yourself to be loved how God intended you to be. Step by step, I guide you through the process. It’s important that you and all women know how to love and how they deserve to be loved.

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