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How to Dress for a First Date

As an elite dating coach, I often get questions from my clients about how to get ready for a first date - or any date, for that matter. I always explain the first and most important thing is to move into a positive mental attitude by filling your heart up with gratitude and joy. Then consider what you wear carefully, from your toes to your smile.

So, since so many of you have asked, Ladies, here is how you should prepare for a date when you are searching for your perfect partner.

Start off clean

No one wants their nose accosted by body odor. You're a hardworking woman and often very busy. If you have an after work date, wash up at the sink and change your day clothes. Funk is the last tag-a-long you want on a date. Make sure your body is nice and clean, and while you bathe, imagine you are also washing away any preconceptions you may have about your date or what will happen with him. Start your preparations with an open mind and be receptive to what may come. As you cleanse yourself, repeat the following affirmation: I am open and receptive to give and receive love.

Brush your teeth

No stank breath either! Make sure your mouth smells fresh and your smile is at its best (that means flossing, too!), and while you’re at it, brush the negative words out of your mouth. I’m talking about words like ‘I’ll never find love,’ or ‘All men are dogs,’ or ‘There’s nobody out there for me.’ Once your mouth is sparkling fresh, put on a radiant smile to match and remember all that gratitude and joy to keep it shining. As you shift your words, repeat the following affirmation: My past does not equal my future, a great relationship flows to me now!

Apply a foundation

Please don't go all 'Alicia Keys' on a date. Wear makeup! Although a bit of makeup is definitely appropriate for a date, even if you don’t wear it much otherwise, I’m really talking about something else here. I want you to apply a foundation of Self Love underneath everything else you put on. You don’t need heavy makeup, your date wants to see you, not your product, and besides, you are beautiful and with all that self-love, you know that you glow from within. To help you wrap yourself in that foundation of self-love, repeat the following affirmations to yourself: I love you (say your name). You are Beautiful.

Get Dressed

A first date may not be the best time to wear a brand-new, untested outfit. You know what can happen, sliding straps, hemlines that migrate up, buttons that pop open. You don’t want this on your date. Likewise, don’t try on a new persona or try to be something you are not on your date. Just be your beautiful, D.I.V.A. (divine, intelligent, vivacious, alluring) self. You want to find a partner who loves you for you. First, think about where you are going and choose your outfit so you will look good but be comfortable enough to focus on the great guy you are with, not how much your feet hurt. A first date is the time to put on your go-to little black dress or those cute but comfortable capris that are perfect for an outdoor concert. You want your real self to be on display, not your outfit. As you put on your becoming and comfortable outfit, repeat the following affirmation: I am vivacious, intelligent, and interesting.

Top it all off with confidence

The most important thing you can do to get ready for a date is Put on Your Confidence! You don’t have to have perfect hair and makeup, you don’t need expensive clothes. What you need is the smile that goes all the way to your eyes, the deep knowledge that you are a treasure that will be discovered by a wonderful man, maybe today, maybe another day. You are just going on a date to have fun and to interview a possible candidate. Remember, YOU are the prize! As such, you have every reason to be confident. As you make your final preparations, repeat the following affirmation: I am a radiant DIVA and every man in the room wants to be with me!

You are a DIVA. You are Divine, Intelligent, Vivacious and Alluring. Don’t you forget it!

If you would like to learn more about how to shift your mindset and put the knowledge of science and the Law of Attraction to work for you in finding long-lasting love, check out my book The Single DIVA’s Guide to The Science of Attracting Love. Need Relationship Help or Relationship Counseling? Want a Dating Coach who will guide you through the dos and don’ts of finding true love? I am certified in neuro linguistic programming among other healing modalities. Known as Shay `Your Love Diva,’ I am Atlanta’s Elite Professional Dating Coach. With a 98% success rate, if you’re ready to find love, you can’t go wrong. Book an appointment...

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