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How to Manifest Your Ideal Life

Source: “Manifest” is a term that’s used in conversations about making things happen for your life. But many may wonder--what is manifesting, and how do I do it? We all know what wishing, hoping, and fantasizing are--but our egos often hold us back from getting attached to ideal outcomes for fear of feeling hurt, disappointment, or grief. Manifesting is sort of along the lines of wishing, hoping, and fantasizing--but with a twist. Experts on the Law of Attraction define manifesting as: Making your dreams come true. In order to manifest, you visualize your desire and harness the power of your imagination to make it a reality. In short, manifesting means: to make dreams come true. The Law of Attraction is a natural law that brings what we focus on into our lives. It is one of 12 natural laws of the universe. Understanding the law of attraction--and better yet, experiencing it--will make you a fast believer in how the universe grants us blessings and miracles. With that said, how liberated and hopeful do you feel knowing that everything you want is within your power? To get started, follow these easy steps:

  1. Write down what you want, and get specific: Like, specific, specific. If you want money, and ask the universe for it, you might find a dime in your couch. However, if you want to make $100,000 a year in your professional industry, ask the universe to set you on the path toward making that dream a reality. You can ask the universe out loud, write the universe a letter, or pray daily as you ask for your desire. Remember to stay clear, specific, and take creative liberties as you change and adjust your desires as you go. Check all your self-judgment at the door.

  2. Participate in your desires: Your chances of achieving your manifestation increase when you become an active participant. You might not reach your goal of making $100,000 in your professional industry if your professional industry is notoriously low-paying, and requires no education. Most manifestations need the support of your actions and focus in order to increase the vibration, resulting in your dream coming true.

  3. Trust the Universe & Express Gratitude: Even when your goals seem completely out of reach and you can’t logically see a way to achieve them, trust that the universe is supporting you, wants you to have everything you desire, and will work in conjunction with you to manifest. Expressing gratitude each day for things you typically take for granted will not only increase your vibration but will motivate you and the universe even more. Thank the universe for a good night’s rest so you are energized and ready for your job interview that day, or thank the universe for simply listening to you and helping you in your manifestation. Dig deep, and you’ll soon find yourself feeling grateful for the beautiful birch tree outside of your window because it brings you joy.

There are so many ways the universe speaks to us, and unless we’re watching for signs and synchronicities, we’ll miss it. You can even ask out loud for specific omens and synchronicities to validate you or assuage your anxiety.

For example, you can say, “If the man I have a crush on feels the same way, please show me roses. If he doesn’t, please show me a polar bear.”

Then, watch as roses or polar bears appear in the most interesting and creative ways. You might meet someone named Rose, or see a polar bear mascot on a billboard. And it won’t be a coincidence.

Some say that setbacks, roadblocks, and rejections along your journey toward manifesting a desire are mini “tests,” of your determination and faith. If you continue to vibrate high and power through disappointment, your manifestation will grow strong as a result. Start manifesting with the suggestions above, and set yourself on a path toward learning what your manifestation style is and what works for you.

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