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How to Tell Whether a Single Successful Man is Actually Successful

How many guys have you met who claimed to be successful yet after further investigation, you found out they were just showing off or complete frauds? How many guys have you walked away from because they were not the men they presented themselves to be? As the victim of a man who pretended to be single, but was still married, and who actually went through a $50,000 wedding with me, I’ve fallen in the trap of attracting a liar! I am showing you the gaping hole and setting up cones and caution tape and flashing lights around it so that you don’t fall in like I did! D.I.V.A, let me show you how to Stop attracting liars! You deserve so much better than the empty promises and heartaches they give you.

Let me tell you a little more about what happened to me. I was a single mom who had worked hard to grow my brand and savings but lost it all after a real estate deal went bad. I was totally vibrating “take advantage of me,” “I do not pay attention to the signs of a liar!” Within a month, I attracted all of that in a man who was perfect on paper and by all appearances. He took me to his beautiful mansion in his Range Rover and was a member of not one, but three country clubs, in the most expensive side of town in Alpharetta. He claimed to be a divorced single man looking for a wife to build with and that’s how I got hooked.

Ladies, a successful woman like yourself deserves to attract a successful man. You’ve worked hard to earn everything that you have and you want someone to come to the table having his stuff together as well. I know firsthand that looks can be deceiving. There are men who seem to have it all or literally do, but they’re living paycheck to paycheck or worse, cash advance to cash advance! After he has wined and dined you and taken you to his beautiful home, how do you really know that it is his or he is who he says he is?

In my case, this perfect man I was dating and thought I’d married, turned out to be a fraud! The truck he drove was leased through one of his short-term “sponsor’s” companies. The home was rented and he had nothing to his name at all! I lost everything being with him and as your Certified Love Transformer®, I will use my healed scars to teach you how to avoid a liar of all extremes! I want you to attract only the best man and win when it comes to love.

Keep this list of tips below on hand as you are in the dating arena. They will help you to tell if the single successful man that you’re dating is actually successful and who he presents himself to be. Keep both eyes open when dating and reference these tips often!

Successful men want to be desired for who they are, not what they have. I have dated professional athletes, doctors, executives and coached many high income earning men. Most of them are not playboys by choice but find that it is difficult to attract a woman who sees them instead of their money. Men have pride and do not want to have to wonder if a woman really wants them or their money. The research shows that men want love just as much as women and will fall harder and faster for the right woman. The educated men who are established in their success, are not braggadocious or flashy. They are looking for a woman who would walk away from them at any moment if they do not meet her standard of how she should be treated. This kind of woman loves herself and knows what she is bringing to the table and she does not “need” his money. She wants a great guy who will treat her like a queen. This is the kind of woman who attracts wealthy men.

He is busy and clear about his intentions. Most of the time, successful men are very busy. They’re juggling their time between work and personal life. They don’t have time to be in your face all of the time. They also don’t have time for games. They’ll immediately tell you the reason/s why they are dating you, even if that reason is for their physical needs to be met. Of course, if you follow me or my advice, you would never settle for that kind of situationship no matter how rich or successful he appears to be, but at least you wouldn’t have to waste your time wondering what his true intentions really are.

Successful men prefer the chase. Successful people know that they can’t always have what they want. This provides the thrill of the hunt. Sometimes they lose, sometimes they win. This kind of man is a hunter by nature and values what he has to work for. If you make it too easy, you will decrease your attraction factor because you are now like everyone else that he has conquered. However, if you have standards, are not wowed by his wealth and value who you are and what you bring to the table, then you won’t make it easy because you have to be earned. If he is looking for something serious, he will gladly prefer the chase.

He can be verified and he doesn’t mind. A successful man who is real can be verified online and through meeting the people in his life. You can easily look up his company online and verify that he pays his taxes. You can do a tax record search and confirm he owns his home. You can confirm he doesn’t have a record after running a background check on him and confirming that he is not a criminal. Since you will not have sex with him before ever meeting his friends, family and business associates, you will be able to see what others consistently say about him or how they react to him when he is around. If you pay attention and do your due diligence, you will be able to confirm you are dating the real deal.

(FYGA) Follow your guidance always. I know I say this A LOT but it is the key to avoid many pitfalls in life and love. The small voice within you is the Christ that speaks to you. Spirit wants the best for you and does not want you to fall. If you are still and listen, you will always be warned before making a mistake that can cost you disappointment and hurt. This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned throughout my life. Before I’d discover that someone I once trusted is not who they pretend to be, I would get a small still whisper that warned me. I always experienced a feeling of betrayal if I didn’t listen to that voice. Betrayal is a heavy, hurtful feeling that takes intentional work to overcome and heal. Many of us will dismiss this voice as our own doubts from past experiences. You can tell if this voice represents your fears or is Spirit by the way you feel when you hear it. If it seems like a whisper in the silence as a moment of stillness comes over you, that is Spirit. If you are nervous and fearful while going back and forth with yourself, that is your own mind. Learning to listen to that voice is one of the most valuable tools in your possession and I will help you develop it to its full potential.

Dating without a love coach can sometimes be really tricky. Some men will claim they are successful when they really are not. You won’t know if they really are unless you get to know them more and do your due diligence. Don’t get blinded by the superficial things. Success measured through a man’s character and his forward motion towards his passion is key. Make sure you are the healed, whole woman you need to be in order to attract a healed, whole man who will value you for who you are. Make sure he’s a good man over anything else and is not another heartbreak on a stick. If you follow these dating tips, you will be well on your way to attracting the man of your dreams!

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