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The Journey to Love Requires Healing

Some doubt my ability to help other women, especially when they do a bit of research and learn that I once married a married man! There was a time that I was so ashamed of that part of my past I couldn’t keep my head up. I wondered who knew this secret about me. I wondered who was talking about me, pointing at me. Did they know I’d been tricked into believing this man was honest? Did they know I never would’ve allowed myself to go through with a wedding that cost fifty grand knowing it would be a sham?

But once I owned that mistake, once I took the power back by being the one that told my story. Once I got the nerve up to say to them: “Girl, did you hear I married a married man?,” I was able to get back my dignity. I was able to walk tall, all 5 feet and 1 inches of me. You see, I know that I can help women because of my errors, because of the love fails I experienced. I know I can save women from making the same mistakes I made. My love fails can help you avoid the same pitfalls or at least provide a road map out. I failed my way to true love and was brave enough not to quit no matter how much it hurt along the way. I can help guide you to your true love with my bumps as a guide. I did the hard work of healing so that I can teach others to do the same. I also spent countless months doing tons of research. The results of that research led to the discovery that Love truly is a Science. I discovered the formula to attract amazing men and even to eventually attract my soulmate. I’ve helped so many women do the same!

Part of healing includes admittance. Not wallowing in self-shame. Not burying yourself in self-pity. Simple admittance. Simple accounting and therefore accountability to patterns that have not served you well. When you can name them, you can be free of them. When you can call them out, you can hold your head up in front of them and move forward. Another part of healing is cleaning up. Cleaning up any mess in your life from false belief systems to poor choices made. One thing I did was get my credit straightened out. I put my business and financial situation in order. I got my mental state together through meditation and self-love. I understood that I must become what I wanted to attract and that I needed to give myself time and space to do this. When I was done, I was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready to accept the idea of finding the man of my dreams.

Love is the greatest thing. Leading others to self-discovery, healing and eventually the embodiment of love is one of the greatest highlights of my life. Having discovered and successfully used the #DivaLoveFormula myself time after time, I’m dedicated to bringing it to generations of women like you. So many have learned that hurt people hurt people. Along my journey, I learned the opposite is true: healed people heal people. My unwavering commitment is to teach women to heal themselves knowing they will pay it forward.

Are you ready to heal? Are you ready to discover the joys of loving yourself so that the man of your dreams will love you too?

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1 Comment

Tanya Hamlett
Tanya Hamlett
May 15, 2021

I personally would never take advice from anyone who hasn't been through anything.

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