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Valentine Blues: How to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman

It’s heart’s month and we’re just a few days away from Valentine’s Day. A day where you’ll see bouquets of roses being sold along the streets and a long queue of customers waiting their turn to pay for the chocolates that they’re going to give to their lover or wife along with a handwritten letter or Hallmark card. Restaurants are fully booked by couples who decided to have a romantic dinner after work. Everything feels so special. Love is in the air. Every establishment is decorated with hearts, cupids and roses. They say that this day is a day for couples. But, let me correct that! Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Even single women out there can celebrate Valentine’s Day! You don’t need to lock yourself inside of the house. There are several ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day despite being single. Do you miss going out on a date during Valentine’s day? If you feel like Valentine’s Day is not as romantic and fun as it was before, you’re wrong! Make your Valentine’s Day awesome!

Valentine’s Day Tip #1: Invite your parents for dinner.

– When was the last time you went out with mom and dad for dinner? Do you remember how many Valentine’s you spent going out and having romantic dates with your partner? Well, now that you’re single, it’s a perfect time to go on a date with them, instead. If your favorite restaurant is fully reserved, cooking and setting up a romantic table will surely be memorable for them, too. Get a sense and a reminder from them that lasting relationships are out there. You, too, can manifest that for yourself.

Valentine’s Day Tip #2: Plan a date with your single friends.

– You also have single friends who feel lonely and sad during Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you gather the squad and enjoy Valentine’s Day together? Go to the cinema, have a massage or spa party! It’s more fun when you have your friends around!

Valentine’s Day Tip #3: Treat yourself.

– Now that you’re single, you may feel sad because no one will surprise you with gifts. Instead of being sad, go out and treat yourself! Buy that piece of jewelry you’ve been eyeing. Shop for some new clothes and shoes! Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a connection with someone while you’re spoiling yourself.

Valentine’s Day Tip #4: Redecorate your room.

– If you’re planning to keep yourself busy and trying to avoid the crowd, stay indoors. Redecorate your room. Change your sheets and curtains and get yourself a good rest after that, dreaming of the chance encounter when you meet your soulmate!

Valentine’s Day Tip #5: Sweat yourself.

– While most people prefer the cinema, restaurants and malls to have a date, hit the gym and sweat a bit. Boost your mood with exercise! As your endorphins increase, your confidence will too!

Valentine’s Day Tip #6: Take care of the little ones.

– Keep yourself busy by playing with your nieces and nephews while their parents are out for a date. Have fun as the kids learn something from you! If you’re a mom, yourself, do something special with your children! Plan a special Valentine’s evening just for them!

Valentine’s Day Tip #7: Plan a trip

– May it be an out of town or an out of the country trip, taking a break from the stress of work and make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

Valentine’s Day Tip #8: Netflix and Wine

– Stay at home and relax. You have a lot of movies to choose from. Pick a favorite or try a new flick as you enjoy a glass of your favorite red or white wine.

Valentine’s Day Tip #9: Embrace Self Love

– Use this day to celebrate everything that you love and appreciate about yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back because when it comes to work, personal aspects and other areas of your life, you are rocking it!

Valentine’s Day Tip #10: Participate in a speed dating event.

– Wouldn’t it be nice to meet new people? You never know, the man that you’re looking for may also be one of the speed dating participants. Don’t miss the chance! Valentine’s day is not just for couples. You can celebrate it with family and friends and even alone! Don’t worry that you might always experience Valentine’s Day as a single woman. As your love expert, I share some dating tips that will help you, manifest love. You can check it out here:

Do not lose hope! You will love and be loved again!

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