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Memoirs of a DIVA Week 10: Why Free or Less Expensive Isn’t Always Good…

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

During Shay’s Lives, I often witness people hounding her to hurry up and provide information that she is giving out for free. SMH. I don’t even want to imagine how those people interact with others in their personal lives… just forcibly taking without giving anything back.

Energy is everything! This past year I learned that what you put out, you’ll get back, and in multiples. This stresses not only the importance of putting out good in general, but pouring into yourself.

So if you’re always seeking and getting things for free, the total value of what you may be getting back is little to none. Sure you can go to Costco and probably get full off of all the samples they hand out, but is that the energy you want to stand in for yourself?

Have you heard the saying, you have to spend money to make money? Well it’s true isn’t it? In some way, shape or form, you have to spend money on something in order to make money back.

So let’s look at this in terms of energy…if you don’t put out any energy, how do you expect to get anything back? Even you have to put energy into working out consistently to reap the rewards of a healthy body.

Shay pays for coaches and experiences to ensure she is being the highest version of herself for her clients. She is constantly pouring into herself so that she can pour into us, which is amazing! You want to be guided by someone that is constantly working to better themselves. Otherwise, you would have someone pouring into you that doesn’t pour into themselves. Someone who doesn’t “preach what they practice” as mentioned by Les Brown himself.

So not only is Shay constantly giving out free energy doing a disservice to herself, but it would be a disservice to you. Energetically, you may get a little something back… but if you took it a step further and poured into yourself, the reward would be much greater.

So Remember This: What you put it out is what you get back. If you constantly leech off of others with little to no exchange, you’re more likely to attract little money and even worse, THE WRONG MEN.

I would rather attract a man that would do any and everything for me. But that takes you doing the same for yourself…

I write this blog entry to say a few things:

  • Pour into yourself: Whether it’s getting help from a coaching, therapy, or pampering, pour into you. I believe it’s the best form of self-care.

  • Change Your Mindset: I can’t stress this enough, but will go deeper in a future post.

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Sinceria Allen
Sinceria Allen
Aug 26, 2021

This blog truly hit on some great points. To add to some of your points-When you know your why and you know the way, you won't let obstacles get in the way. You will keep moving forward to the vision you invested for a greater purpose in yourself. Another example is we invest in going to college to obtain a Bachelor/Master/Doctrine Degree so that we can receive a salary income based off the work we put into getting that degree. The information to get the degree definitely is not for free and some of us are still pay off student loans for those degrees. People are most energized when they use their strengths for a bigger and better purpose. D…

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