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What Does BOSS Diva University Do For You?

If you're like many of the ambitious women dating whose search for love and deeper relationships attracts you to this platform, you are very successful in most of the areas in your life. You're an entrepreneur or at the top of your field. You've got the house, the car and the bank account that goes along with it. You turn heads in the corporate world and outside of your work arena, but lately, love has eluded you. Perhaps you continue to attract a certain type of man who is far from your ideal. Maybe you are good at getting the man, but in the long run, he chooses someone else.

Because you know your worth, you're willing to seek relationship coaching and invest in the future you deserve. As a high valued match yourself, your desire is to be equally yoked with a partner who is bringing just as much to the table as you are. You've probably heard of or read the book, The 5 Love Languages, and are eager to give and receive love that's right for you.

All That's Missing... Are The Tools To Get You There.

BOSS Diva University provides you immediate access to a powerful platform that puts you in the power position. First, alignment with the next-level greatest version of yourself occurs, making you the woman that matches will do anything to be with. This starts with identifying, healing and removing the love blocks that are currently keeping you unsuccessful in love. You'll be able to dissolve the patterns & attachments to past relationships that are keeping you stuck. Craving more information? Check out Shay's FREE webinar!

Discovering self-love and a clearer picture of who you really are allows you to evolve into that true self so you can attract your soulmate. Working through Shay's Inner Soulmate process is much like a spiritual makeover. The healed, whole and confident version of yourself will match the outer you who is successful in every other area of your life. This version of you will resonate with your ideal matches.

As You Date, You Will Do So With Intention And Clarity.

As you discover more about your ultimate relationship vision instead of just trying to reach a destination of attracting someone, Shay will work with you, teaching you where to find good men and how to attract those high-quality options who are looking for commitment.

You will learn to select only the best men and say no to everything that falls short of your desires. Shay will also teach you a strategy of discernment so you don't ever get burned again!

Abundance Awaits!

Maintaining a position of power as you date successful men with zero competition, your inner transformation will continue to enhance every other area of your life so that you can really enjoy life to the fullest. All the while, Shay partners with you and other like-minded BOSS DIVAS as you build the foundation to maintain a healthy relationship that continues to grow deeper and matches your vision of the marriage and love experience you desire. You will go from alone to finding The One who is fun, loyal, honest and ready to love your soul.

Love Is A Science And The Evidence Speaks For Itself.

Certified Love Transformer®, Shay Levister, brings you the formula for finding love. The #DivaLoveFormula will release your inner DIVA so you'll grow to be more self aware, clear on your perfect match, and confident that you deserve The One! Shay's professional insight will bring objectivity, science, and guidance to your dating scenarios and she'll prevent you from falling into old, damaging habits so you can attract and KEEP your soulmate. Just look at her testimonials for the proof. Her 98% success rate makes her the go-to Elite Professional Dating Coach. Whether you reside in her current town of Atlanta, GA, where she is known as Atlanta's #1 Love Coach, or you are in any other city across the globe, you'll find working with Shay is the key ingredient you've been missing to find love.

To see if you qualify, Schedule a call NOW!

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