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Where Are The Good Men At?

Where Are The Good Men At?

Does it seem like you're looking at a Where’s Waldo map when it comes to finding a good man? So many choices but none of them are matches? I don’t want you to be underwhelmed or overwhelmed any longer. See Diva... you’ve been looking in all the wrong places! It’s time you positioned yourself in the right environments to be able to meet the good men that are out there. My team and I have compiled a list of places to meet eligible, affluent men. Now the setting is just the first step to meeting someone. I’m available to teach you how to know if they're the right one for you, even for a first date. You want to date with intention now. You’re no longer looking for just company.  Disclaimer Divas: This list is made from the Atlanta area. However, you can find similar settings and gatherings that will suit you in your area. (Shay’s services are available to give you a more 1-on-1 experience, when needed.) Consider these towns/neighborhoods/areas when doing a location search and driving around: Your local parks:

  • Ansley Park

  • Brookhaven

  • Buckhead

  • Cabbage town

  • Camp Creek Marketplace

  • Chastain Park

  • Druid Hills

  • Dunwoody

  • Inman Park

  • Kingswood

  • Margaret Mitchell

  • Midtown

And MORE… Local cultural events & staples:

  • Art galleries

  • Museums

  • Antique fairs/shops

  • Auction Houses

Events & Meetings/Conventions:

  • Weddings/Receptions

  • House parties

  • Alumni Gatherings

  • Crash Exclusive Parties

  • Cooking classes

  • Charity Events and Galas

  • Sporting Events

  • Investment and Wealth Management Seminars

  • Professional Conventions

  • Political Party Events


  • Upscale gym (join the classes), ex. “Life Time Athletic and Life Spa”

  • Athletics club

  • Sports society

  • Country clubs

  • Golf courses

  • Private Clubs

  • Take Pilates

  • Play tennis

  • Lacrosse games

  • Go Sporting

  • Cherokee Town & Country Club

  • Ansley Golf Club-Midtown

  • Atlanta Country Club

  • Capital City Country Club

  • Chastain Park Golf Course

  • Ansley Golf Club

  • Peachtree Golf Club

Now, even with these lists there are still a number of places unlisted that you can go or join. These are starting points to help get out of your comfort zone, to experience what you enjoy and don’t when it comes to meeting others. Remember this is a process, a journey… enjoy it. Embrace new experiences, the new friendships you may form. Don't see this as a chore, otherwise you will become overwhelmed if you feel unsuccessful in the beginning. Give it time, be patient with yourself and conquer any fear you have of stepping out of your comfort zone. Your Mr. Right is out there and all it takes is you being in the right place at the right time.

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