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BOSS Diva University

You’re in control! Rather than setting you up on dates and picking men you may not have an interest in, I help you receive all of the tools you need to magnetize and attract the love that you need. 


We won’t just provide dating advice, we’ll teach you the skills you need to succeed in this modern dating world! 

The #DivaLoveFormula will release your inner DIVA so you’ll grow to be more self aware, clear on your perfect match, and confident that you deserve The One! Shay’s professional insight will bring objectivity, science, and guidance to your dating scenarios and she’ll prevent you from falling into old, damaging habits so you can attract and KEEP your soulmate. 


I am smart.

I am successful.

And I refuse to settle.


Diva Love Formula

Finding Love is a science and I have the formula .

  • We heal and remove our love blocks

  • We fall in love with ourselves first

  • We align with the love we want to attract

  • We date to discover ourselves not a man

  • We receive our husband and foster a healthy relationship with our soul match

Finding Love is a science, are you ready for the formula?

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Align you to your next-level greatest version of yourself to become the person that matches will do anything to be with. This starts with identifying, healing and removing the love blocks keeping you unsuccessful in love.

  • Dissolve the pattern & attachments to past relationships that are keeping you stuck.

  • Discover self-love and a clearer picture of who you really are and develop who you need to evolve into in order to attract your soulmate.


I take you through my Inner Soulmate process. It’s like a spiritual makeover. We will create the healed, whole, confident version of yourself that matches the outer you who is successful in every other area of your life. This version of you will resonate with your ideal match.

  • Quality dates with intention, confidence, and ease without relying on dating apps



When you are deeply resonating with yourself, you will attract higher quality matches. As you date, you will date with intention and clarity to discover more about your ultimate relationship instead of just trying to reach a destination of attracting someone. We will work together to attract high-quality options to choose from who are looking for commitment. 

  • Learn to select only the best men and say no to everything but the very best.

  • Teach you a strategy to discern so that you don't get burned...again! 


Then we will turn your life into an abundance machine so you can enhance all areas of your life so that you can enjoy the life you’ve always wanted while creating the foundation to maintain a healthy relationship that continues to grow deeper and matches your vision of the marriage and love experience you desire. You will go from alone to finding The One who is fun, loyal, honest and ready to love your soul.

  • Find the dream compatible person who loves your soul


Finding Love is a science. 

Are you ready for the formula?

DIVA U- Our 12 week #DivaLoveFormula INCLUDES:

AUDIO:The Positive Mind Meditation Vault

Affirmation Dating Guides, Journals, and Workbooks

BOOK: The Science of Attracting Love Guide

Digital Dating Done Right Video & e-book Course


Silver Plan

Core Need

Are you not really ready to enter a relationship but desire to work on healing after a recent divorce, breakup, heartbreak or betrayal?

Are you tired of being afraid to love and want to take your time on the journey to attracting The One?

Do you feel that you are unattractive, undesirable or lack the confidence to interact with a potential love match and want to heal these painful limiting beliefs?

Silver Solution

The tools you need to gain clarity and confidence so you can meet your soulmate within a year.


Gold Plan

Core Need