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RUBY Archetype


to the first step in your

You are courageous and resilient.

You don't look like what you have been through.

Beautiful Ruby, you seek power, exude charisma and passion. You are high in masculine energy, goal-oriented and typically super successful as a result. These go-getter traits have got you to where you are in life and your career.


But when it comes to dating, it is possible that this lack of feminine energy makes it harder for you to you be vulnerable and to receive

love, attention, compliments, gifts... Men you date often will choose another woman over you and/or just refuse to commit. This trauma causes a pattern of dysfunctional relationships and an underlining feeling of shame that is reflected in the low quality men you seem to attract and in some cases take care of.


During your Love Archetype Discovery call, we will determine how you can reveal and heal these love blocks and begin to attract your perfect partner in the next 30 days with our powerful, scientifically proven tools. The pre-recorded digital session here will give you greater insight to your archetype. After watching, we strongly encourage you to book Love Archetype Discovery Call. Let's reveal and begin to heal this and other potential love blocks and initiate your journey to attracting your perfect partner in 30 days with our scientifically-proven methodology.



Thank you for taking our Love Archetype Quiz. This video will provide you with a deeper insight and understanding of your Love Archetype Assessment.

This with a FREE pre-recorded digital coaching session with Shay Your Love Diva. Your personalized, pre-recorded digital Love Coaching session with Shay will bring you greater insight and uncover potential Love Blocks.



Would you like to have a 1:1 Love Archetype Deep-Dive Session?

Take the next step towards revealing and healing your love blocks and attracting in your perfect partner. Book your session and begin to craft your unique love journey today.


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