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  • Tiffany Banks
    Finding that special someone has always been difficult for me. I just didn't quite have that special inside information that so many others seemed to have. When I started to use Shay as my coach, I had already benefited from her books and youtube channel which increased my dating from twice a year to at least once per month. Coaching, however, was the essential key that I needed to break through those last barriers to success. I quickly went from dating oncer per month to as much as I wanted! Now, I have a wonderful man in my life who recognizes my value, who I would never have found without Sahy's encouragement and help. Trust Shay and invest in yourself. Get coaching!
  • Renee Martin
    Hey Shay, Your online course was very helpful in getting my mind right to attract love!!! I had some residual negative baggage from some past relationships, but I have let them go!!! I continue to work on myself because I can only attract a man who will match where I am. I have seen some positive changes already. I recently met a young man online. We went out on a first date to Starbucks and we are planning a second date. I can't tell if this is a great match, but he is easy to talk to, gainfully employed and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. The more dates I go on, my confidence increases and that's a good feeling. I am adding more tips to stay a D.I.V.A. I am keeping makeup on but not too overdone, stocked up on scented lotions, and shaving my legs regularly....that's actually a bit challenging.🙂 I am working to remain positive about who else may enter into my life and I keep the affirmations on sticky notes in my daily planner so they are always with me. Sometimes doubt does creep in...but I tell myself "CANCEL CANCEL, RESET"!! This is embarking onto new territory and it's exciting and makes me nervous too. I've done the guided visualizations many times, I plan on adding more to my vision board and I have a copy of your book "The Science of Attracting Love." All of them very valuable tools and I thank you soooo much for them!! I make time for planning dates because I am currently working and going to school, and it is absolutely worth it!! There have been a few men I've encountered who I could tell right away were a "don't wanter" and stopped communicating with them immediately. The DIVA does not have time for those type of men!! THANKS AGAIN SHAY and remain blessed!!! I look forward to getting my graduation certificate.
  • Heather Brady
    Shay, Thank you for doing what you are doing. I am a single mother and just turned 35, I am ready to start over and wait for the right man for me. I just wanted to say thank you for being there when I needed to hear the basics again. To have someone remind me of how valuable and worthy I am to be loved. To remember how this all works. You are an inspiration and I needed your class. I will definitely be passing along the good news that there is hope and am confident that I too will have love come my way. God bless you and your family.
  • Mylissa
    Hi Shay! I just wanted to let you know that I love your class and your advice helps me out so much! Thank you!
  • Dawn
    Joining Diva University was the best decision I've made for my love life. Just from listening to your advice and applying them to my life, has changed my life tremendously. I am only two days into the DIVA University and I have men coming at me left and right. This is crazy! It's only been two days but this stuff works.
  • Vanessa
    I just would like to say hello and thank you. Your message is inspiring beyond just teaching women about finding love. Your method inspired me to pursue my dreams. I read both of your books and have taken most of your classes. As I mentioned above you have a message...The message you gave me was finding the courage to be successful. I am a young woman who is now a successful writer! I put all my past drama into writing and talk to young teenage girls and women on how to change there lives around. I thank you again because with you I wouldn't be where I am now! =) I love what your doing! God Bless
  • Maria
    Thank you for helping people. You are a blessing to many. Keep up the great work. Peace,love,and abundance to you! – Hey Fellow ATLien here.. can't express how much I love your message! You are... REAL!! 🙂
  • Kristine Niswonger
    Hello Shay! I talked to you about a year ago about a man that broke my heart. Well a little over a year later I'm happy to say that by following your advice I'm getting married to a new and wonderful man this week! Also, we are expecting our first child in February of this year. Thank you and bless.
  • Ena
    Shay's class really helped me understand what a healthy relationship really [looks like]. Since taking her courses, I have definitely attracted more male attention and have even gone on a couple of dates! Through working with Shay, I came to the difficult decision of letting go of a long-distance relationship that was dragging on and going nowhere. I decided to give myself time to heal and came to the conclusion that I am not completely ready to move into a new long term relationship at this point. I'm enjoying the time I spend with men and having a great time! (no sex involved) I am looking forward to building friendships with men which really is the foundation of a healthy, loving, romantic relationship.
  • Lisa
    Shay is a masterfull guide in the realms of the unconscious. With her assistance you'll move energetic blocks you didn't even know you had! My session with her was very powerful.
  • Sarah Baxter
    I purchased Shay's book in 2010. I was just getting out of a bad relationship where the guy wouldn't commit. After I read Shay's book I used all of her principles in my life and met my now husband a month later. I credit the Lord and Shay for my success in finding a husband. It's real you guys!
  • Susan
    I applied your rules of Dating like a Diva and started dating online for the first time in my life. Guess what?! I found an amazing guy!!! It was only my 3rd online date ever (the other guys I dated wanted relationships with me but they weren't up to par, so I passed and raised the bar). Now, Jonathan and I have been together for almost 4 months now, since October 8th, going strong. We have been to Cabo, San Fran, Wisconsin, Chicago, Vegas, and spent a week in Hawaii over Christmas. He is more amazing every day in every way.

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