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Love  Coaching

with Shay "Your Love Diva"

Book your 1:1 Virtual session

and together we'll solve your most pressing love, dating and relationship challenges with undisputed strategies that will cause any man to fall for you within 30 days!

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Spiritual Reading
Plus Transformative Love Coaching 

$699 | 55 minutes

Shay has been clairvoyant since she was five years old. Shay will use her gift to "see" into your past, present and future to help you have breakthroughs in your love life. This results-driven session will dive in DEEP to explore and break through what’s holding you back in your dating & personal life. We’ll create a plan to help you attract the love you really want. 

Transformative Love Coaching 

$499 | 55 minutes

Shay has been helping women move past their Love Blocks and attract love for over two decades! Shay will coach you on your pressing love, dating or relationship issue and help you identify the solution to move forward.

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Unleash The Siren Within Coaching Session.png

$1200 | 75 minutes

Unleash The Siren Within Love Coaching

Includes a Spiritual Reading, Transformative Love Coaching PLUS Four (4) months access to Seductress Academy. 

Find permanent relief and freedom from any person, behavior or thought that does not feel good, that holds you back or keeps you stuck in pain. If you find yourself obsessed over an abusive ex, an old flame, or a person you had an emotional affair/connection to, this one on one session will end that stronghold over you. No more vicious cycles repeating themselves and causing you to sabotage your future possibilities. No more absorption in the tragedy of lost love or falsely romanticizing abusive/unfulfilling relationships from your past. The addictive thoughts and dreams that never seem to cease will come to a complete halt. You will no longer be drawn towards that person or thing that is getting in the way of your best self and truest happiness. You will finally be able to heal, let go and get on track towards the love you truly desire and deserve. 

The purchase of any service and/or products means you accept that there are no refunds issued under any circumstances.

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