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Unleash The Siren Within Session
Reading Plus Transformative Coaching
Plus 4 Months of Seductress Academy

One on One 75 Minute Session, $1200

Find permanent relief and freedom from any person, behavior or thought that does not feel good, that holds you back or keeps you stuck in pain. If you find yourself obsessed over an abusive ex, an old flame, or a person you had an emotional affair/connection to, this one on one session will end that stronghold over you. No more vicious cycles repeating themselves and causing you to sabotage your future possibilities. No more absorption in the tragedy of lost love or falsely romanticizing abusive/unfulfilling relationships from your past. The addictive thoughts and dreams that never seem to cease will come to a complete halt. You will no longer be drawn towards that person or thing that is getting in the way of your best self and truest happiness. You will finally be able to heal, let go and get on track towards the love you truly desire and deserve. 

Love success stories...

Don't take our word for it ...

Virtual Spiritual Reading
Plus Transformative Coaching Session

Shay has been clairvoyant since she was five years old. Shay will use her gift to "see" into your past, present and future to help you have breakthroughs in your love life. This results-driven session will dive in DEEP to explore and break through what’s holding you back in your dating & personal life. We’ll create a plan to help you attract the love you really want. 55 min $699

Transformative Coaching Session

Shay has been helping women move past their Love Blocks and attract love for over two decades! Shay will coach you on your pressing love, dating or relationship issue and help you identify the solution to move forward. 55 min $499

Curious what it's like to work with me?

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If you’re ready (and I mean really ready)  to:

  • Love yourself in a deeper way

  • Increase your worthiness

  • A attract a great relationship

LOVE prescription and take the quiz today!

Compare our premium
Love Coaching services

love coaching
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(do it with you)
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Access to DU

Access to DU+

Love Coaching Accountability Sessions


Complimentary Welcome Session included

Complimentary Welcome Session included

Elite Love Coaching Mastermind Sessions



Discovery Call & Spiritual Reading with Shay

Customized Personal Love Mapping

Love Roadmap Session with Shay


Live via Zoom

Live or In-Person

VIP Access to Private Facebook Group

Private 1:1 Love Transformation Coaching calls with Shay



Access to X hours of pre-recorded BONUS classes and TikTok LIVES

Online Dating Profile Refresh

with management

Apply to Program

Length of Program

12 Weeks

16 Weeks

6 Months

Feminine Energy Activation System

Home Love Alignment Evaluation

Date Background Checks

Customized Luxury Gift Bag

Attract Love Time Frame

Within 1 Year

Less than 6 Months

Less than 3 Months

Income Increase Results


50% or more

Tax Deductible

On Call Access To Shay

Via Chat/ Email Response within 24hrs*

Direct phone access response within 3 hrs*

Date Prep Sessions



All Elite Only
  • UNLIMITED Matchmaking 

  • Private Sound Healing Session

  • Date Prep Sessions

  • Online Dating profile set up and management 

  • VIP Day (fly out to your home for a day of healing and coaching) 

  • Private invitation to exclusive trip

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