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Are You Displaying Masculine Energy Without Knowing It?

Source: Masculine and Feminine polarity is a concept that is present in all people and all dynamics. In the dating world, masculine and feminine energy plays a huge role--if not the hugest role--in laying the groundwork and deciding the fate of a couple. Firstly, let’s define each energy. Masculine energy is strong and unwavering, it’s stable, self-confident, decisive, giving, and knows what it wants and goes after it. Masculine energy requires direction, purpose, and is logical. It seeks freedom, not emotion, and will use the analytical left brain in most instances. It gives love. Feminine energy on the other hand, is completely different. Feminine energy creates--it creates life, emotion, passion, love. It is receptive, emotional, and most of all--highly intuitive. It receives love. We each, as individuals, have both masculine and feminine energy within us. In the workplace, masculine energy often creates strong leaders. In relationships, however, this explains why certain personalities become attracted to one another, and often end up together. Sometimes effeminate men will feel like the perfect match for dominant women who call all the shots. Conversely, masculine men will often minister to the needs of a woman with high feminine energy, and create a more traditional relationship that has often been portrayed to us through literature, film, etc. Modern day, successful, driven women have been raised to be ambitious go-getters, and this has behooved them in their careers and other areas of their lives. But more and more, successful women are lamenting about their dating lives, failed relationships, and feel clueless as to why they keep attracting immature men who don’t take charge and treat them as the prizes they are. It’s simple: These women are displaying masculine energy in ways they don’t even realize. This doesn’t always equate to wearing pants versus dresses or no makeup versus heavy makeup. It’s an energy, a vibration. For example: Women with more masculine energy can be more take charge and feel confident in asking a man out on a date, planning that date, and going Dutch on the bill. She wears black or brown on that date, and does all the ordering. She then proceeds to carry every conversation topic and interview the man as to not endure any awkward silences or out of fear of appearing boring and undesirable. In essence: she’s in control. When women try to control circumstances, dates, or the dynamic between herself and a man, that’s masculine energy in full force. For a man who is on the take-charge, mature, and masculine side, this will be a poor match. But, for a man who is immature, lazy, or boring, this will be an excellent match. Neither scenario is wrong, per se. But, it makes one wonder: which type of relationship will still be desirable and interesting after the honeymoon phase ends?

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