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DIVA Diaries: Becoming a Magnet

The Diva Diaries is a new weekly blog series chronicling the experience of a DIVA University student and client. For privacy purposes, the author chooses to remain anonymous, but in doing so, is able to candidly and unabashedly pour her heart out to readers while documenting her journey.

I have now fully hit my stride in my D.I.V.A. University journey. I am journaling, talking to myself in the mirror, listening to Shay Levister’s amazing meditations in my sleep, and creating space in my mind, body, and soul for true love.

It’s amazing what happens when you start to vibrate in your energy. Before each class session, Shay commands you to get up, turn on your favorite music and get pumped up. I make sure to do it each time, even when I don’t feel like getting up. That 3-4 minute act in itself elevates me to a higher plane, and I am able to absorb her lessons more fully, and get organized in my learning. + A few weeks ago, I tried something new in my dance vibration practice--which I do daily. Part of activating your feminine energy is creating a “flow,” and dance is a beautiful way to channel your feminine energy. One particular evening, after I danced, manifested, and felt like I was vibrating high--I had a nice handful of messages come through on dating apps, and an old flame even reared his head via text message. I’m not even kidding--it’s sometimes laughable how effective these practices can be. Shay talks a lot about energy--you don’t need to be in anyone’s particular vicinity to absorb energy or give off energy necessarily, but it does help. Part of the importance of this energy is becoming a magnet like the law of attraction teaches us to be. Aside from getting positive male attention on dating apps when I’m in this space, a few other instances came out of nowhere that reinforced everything I’m striving for in D.I.V.A. University. I write blogs for my company, and on one particular day, I was instructed to sit down with two of my company’s employees who recently married one another. Truth be told--I was given this assignment about a month ago (before I started D.I.V.A. U), and I procrastinated until this past Friday. The three of us jumped on a Zoom call, and I wasn’t sure where we were going to take this conversation because I hadn’t prepared any questions. And I am so glad I didn’t! I learned that they were both divorced before meeting one another, and she had children from a previous marriage. They told me their love story, and talked about the pros and cons of dating a coworker. They even told me all about their wedding day. I could feel myself getting a little jealous--maybe even judgy--but I quickly shifted that emotion and rerouted it. I told them how I, too, was divorced with little kids, and how their story had given me hope and inspiration and I wasn’t even sure they had realized it. The fact that on this particular day, at this particular point in my learning, I got to sit down with a newlywed couple who had found true love after the disappointment of divorce, was not lost on me. I knew it was the Universe sending me a clear message. And just in case I wasn’t aware of it, the Universe doubled down and from the mouth of the woman, she said, “You’ll find your guy. He’ll show up at the exact right time. Don’t worry.”

While a lot of people might find that to be condescending, I didn’t. I knew that this woman, who was once a heartbroken single woman with children like myself, was speaking from her heart. I was so happy to absorb the energy of this happy couple, and learn about their dynamic and how they balance each other out. I even selfishly asked them things like what their biggest challenges are and how they work together as a team in their relationship. I feel so very fortunate to experience that connection. I know that the energy they were sharing with me was going to help feed my soul and contribute to the work I’m doing to attract my soulmate, too. I wrote Shay an email right away to tell her, and she told me, “See? You’re already becoming a magnet for love.” And she’s right. Two days later, I received a text message from a Don’t Wanter who I just could not seem to shake. He is someone who I’d Netflixed and Chilled with during the pandemic, and I really liked him, but he didn’t want a relationship. He would text me every so often when he’d see things that made him think of me, and even though they were mostly innocent, the mere fact that he reached out to me would set me back. So, I asked myself What Would Shay Say? And it went like this: Him: “How’s your summer going?” Me: “It’s really great actually, I’m back at work. And I’m ready for a committed relationship so I’ve been dating. So, this is your last chance before I start taking these other men seriously.” I knew what he would say, and I know that I probably gave him too much by even engaging in the first place. But, part of my work to breaking the soul tie with this man was to stand up for myself and make it clear that I’m no longer available for anything but a relationship. He let me know he was not looking for the same thing. And I kindly and tactfully told him I understood and wished him well, and that I was glad our paths crossed. And he came back telling me that I was welcome to text him anytime if I wanted to go to dinner or hang out. I told him, “If I’m ever in that place again, I will let you know.”

But I won’t be in that place again--ever--because I’m onto bigger and better.

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