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Don't Let Divorce Decide Your Identity

Statistically speaking, more divorces these days are initiated by women. This phenomenon called "walkaway wife syndrome" is a result of years and years of women trying to communicate their needs to their spouse, only to be left hopeless that anything will ever change. And it's the domino effect of that bad marriage that keeps many divorced women single for the rest of their lives. Modern dating culture--especially on dating apps--is heavily criticized for its "bait and switch" reputation, so much so that influencers, comedians, and writers are using the dark side of dating apps as the basis for all of their material. Most of the time, though, women are so burned by their bad divorce that they don't feel like they can ever trust a man again. No one ever walks down the aisle in a fluffy white dress thinking of the day she's sitting across from her groom in a board room as lawyers decide on a settlement. That kind of trauma--regardless of how good or bad the divorce process was for them--can make some women avoid the idea of marriage like the plague for the rest of their lives. I meet a lot of divorced women in my line of work. Whether or not they're in the divorce process, freshly divorced, or years removed from their divorce, many women come to me because they want to learn how to trust men again and enjoy dating. One of my clients came to me a year and a half or so after her divorce. She has two young children, and when she described her story to me--it sounded like a fairy tale, until it wasn't. She had experienced a textbook narcissistic relationship, and her concern wasn't "how can I love again?" her concern was "What is it about me that keeps attracting these kinds of men?" She knew in her soul that if she did not do the work on healing herself and unblocking what was preventing her from receiving true love, that she was at a very high risk of reliving the same marriage she had the first time around. She had way too much to lose if she repeated that pattern. But one thing that she said to me that struck me--and something I myself as a once divorced woman recognized--was that she didn't want divorce to be her identity. She watched two elder women in her family get so traumatized by their bad marriages and divorces that they never remarried and lived alone--relying on the help of family members for so much. Both women, she said, ended up getting cancer and having no one to care for them. She knew that if she didn't take the leap and join Diva University, that she was looking at her future in them. Not only do married women live longer than single women, but being in the right marriage--a healthy, fulfilling, loving marriage--can bring out the best version of a woman. This version often helps women discover their true talents, passions, and purpose in life. With the right man by their side, a woman who feels supported, cared for, and secure can be motivated to reach for the stars. This is what paves the way toward changing the world. I help divorced women every day unpack the shambles of their failed marriages, discover their true inner power, and I guide and teach them how to discover the innermost divinity of themselves. When women go through my program, they have the tools to be able to attract high-value men--and eventually their soul mate--who will love them for who they are, exactly as they are. Join Diva University today to find out more. Photo source: Cottonbro via

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