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Memoirs of a DIVA: The Power of Manifesting in Your Feminine Energy BUT…

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Memoirs of a DIVA is a blog series following the experience of a Boss DIVA University student and client. For privacy purposes, the author chooses to remain anonymous, but allows the realness to unfold within her entries.

The Power of Manifesting in Your Feminine Energy BUT the Importance of Healing First…

I recall a time when I was, what I thought to be, living my best life. In a false perception, life was going great. I was finally single after an 8-year toxic relationship, and my confidence was higher than normal. In hindsight, I guess life was pretty great considering everything that had come before it wasn’t. But that’s the funny thing about life. If you let it, it will show you how much better it can get!

During a shopping trip with my family, I came across some men’s boxers with purple eggplant emojis printed all over them. I immediately thought, “I need to buy these.” So I did! I felt strongly that I was going to manifest my soulmate by having these silly boxers in my home, wearing them around, and using them as a great tool to call him forth. My intention was super strong! Not even a couple hours later, this attractive man approached me in another store and politely asked me for my number. It had to be around ovulation time, because I slipped on aisle 5 not too long after that. And yes…in case you couldn’t tell–this was months before I met Shay.

The amazing thing about what I manifested that day was that the emoji on the boxer shorts did manifest into physical form (come on, you know what I mean!). But because I had so many unacknowledged traumas and love blocks, I sent my manifestation to the Universe and immediately attracted the same type of guy I’d always attracted, just with a different face.

In TWO hours, my confidence and certainty of that manifestation came to fruition. The problem was–my power wasn’t effective at the time because I had a lot of work to do on myself. I wasn’t clear with what I wanted and because of that and unhealed traumas, I called forth the narrative.

Recently, I had a Boss D.I.V.A. University 1:1 session with Shay, and she revealed something to me. A part of me is still holding onto aspects of my past and there’s a reluctance to move forward. As a result, I was about to “miss the train,” which is what Shay tells her clients when she can sense, through her gift, that I will pass my soulmate up.

It’s discouraging to realize that we tend to limit ourselves in more ways than we can comprehend.

That session lit a fire under me. And now, it’s seriously GO time. I am not missing the train for my soulmate finding me and manifesting the life I desire.

A random spark ignited my memory of that powerful manifestation I had a year ago. Now, I will study how I can embody that powerful manifestation energy in ALL aspects of my life. I must exercise, strengthen, and use that muscle again and again.

As the program instructs, I will buy items that exemplify the life and love I have called forth. I will live in my manifestations and quantum leap into my well-deserved reality.

To anyone reading this, please take my experience as a great example of why you must work on yourself first.

As I write this entry, it became apparent that I needed to be reminded of how powerful of a manifester I am. When my intention is in full throttle, I can make things appear like THAT. I must work on my subconscious to ensure the faucet is free flowing and not clogged with doubt and/or fear. Thankfully, I am a part of a program and community that supports that!

Ladies, we hold a natural power so potent that the world tries to suppress it. BUT in order to access that power effectively you must peel back the layers within ourselves to even begin to start exercising that magical muscle.

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Amazing story!! I love it!


Apr 01, 2022

This is such a cool story. Definitely a powerful manifester. Even the detail that those boxers were there for you to buy, that's almost it's own thing.

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