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Will and Jada are NOT Redefining Marriage

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Women are being disenfranchised around the world and Will and Jada are supporting and perpetuating it. What Will and Jada Smith have said about being in a marriage and equating it to being in prison is a DANGEROUS attack on women. It's an attack on our highest well-being, an attack on the institution of marriage and commitment, and an attack on human beings demanding better of themselves. In short: It's the disenfranchisement of women. "Open" is the antithesis of what marriage is supposed to be. There are women who will look at this couple and hear the words they speak--and those women are desperate and tired of being by themselves. So, when a man who looks good on paper---but won't commit to her--comes along and offers her crumbs, she'll say "Well, Will and Jada did it." We're being told open marriages work, but they don't. Women are being encouraged to settle for a reason.

And don't get it twisted--the Smiths' marriage did not work. Less than 1% of marriages are "open." Twenty percent of U.S. adults have experimented with non-monogamy. But in all, non-monogamy has a 92% FAILURE rate.

As a top Love Coach in my field, and the only Certified Love Transformer on the planet, my mission is this: To increase the number of women who are able to heal and attract healthy relationships. By attracting healthy relationships, there will be more healthy families and more healthy families you'll have healthier people which will change the world. More kids growing up in healthier environments means less trauma and a better world. There is an energy that does not want this to be. There's a energetic virus that is thriving off of toxic relationships and toxic energy. It's not in alignment with who we are as women. Women are being attacked on multiple fronts. It's being normalized to accept sharing our men--a concept that came from men. We were made to believe we are in agreement with this. And that's because we are emotional. So, when we adopt an idea emotionally, we take it as our own. We have taken on the idea of men reducing us to agreed-upon side pieces. Marriage is an agreement to be exclusive to all others. Including others is considered a different "arrangement." Marriage is spiritual and energetic, not legality. The marriage between Will and Jada was based on something unsustainable in the first place. They created a business arrangement for themselves, and are presenting it to the world as a possible option for other individuals when it didn't even work for them.

Why? Who's behind this idea? Who said being in our feminine energy is a bad thing ("don't cry like a girl," etc.)? We're always told we're the inferior gender. Then, when we were told that we are independent women who don't need men, (which got men off the hook to provide and have ambition and work hard,) we got the short end of the stick yet again! Today, men are acting like women, and women are acting like men. Women are approaching men and "shooting their shot." Men don't know how to take a leadership role when it comes to pursuing women and courting them. That's a recipe for disaster, because it means two out-of-balance people are entering into a relationship only to find out later on that they don't even like each other and thus more dysfunctional relationships creating dysfunctional families and children. Women are so emotional that we fall in love with them so deeply--even if they're already married, polygamists, ethically non-monogamous, that we're willing to accept their "terms" in order to keep a piece of a man.

In my experience of working in this field of helping singles heal and attract love, men who are unable to be with one woman usually have had traumatic childhoods. Often times their mothers weren't around, or emotionally affectionate or they experienced sexual or some type of trauma. These men enter the relationship emotionally not stable or available. Over and over, women accept their lack luster conditions and get the short end of the stick. I interviewed a polyamorous woman who said she dates both men and women, and that polyamory was her idea. She was married and had a husband. She said boundaries and communications and rules were set up in the polyamorous agreement, and then she said she and her husband's marriage of 13 years began going downhill when her husband started dating her ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend cheated on her with her husband, and that was a violation of the agreement. When you blur the lines of a marriage, you open up the door for all kinds of mess. What it is is this: Women are being indoctrinated to accept a way of having a relationship that doesn't benefit us and doesn't benefit our children. It's a risky energetic practice and sexual health practice. In this case, her husband is bringing back the demons and energies from other women into HER. He's also spending money on the other woman's household instead of putting it into their mutual household and account. Now, the ex-girlfriend and the husband are in a relationship, and the wife, diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, was left with their daughter during a pandemic...alone! A man's job is to protect and add value to you. This man failed miserably. He jumped ship at HIS own convenience.

The idea that men can't be faithful is a LIE from the pit of hell. Biochemically they are DESIGNED to be faithful--when they're into you enough! The fact that a man produces vasopressin and oxytocin means they are biochemically designed to be faithful. Now let's look further into the dysfunction we're being told to accept as a couple's right to choose how they define their marriage. Will has admitted to being a player and going to therapy for continuing to desire other women while being married. Jada admitted to being in love with someone else when they got together. Jada was in her masculine energy when they got together and she's STILL In her masculine energy. Will is also in his feminine energy--and their relationship has been out of balance from jump street. When Jada got with August, she began looking more feminine and happy. You can see it in photos. August was her son's friend and barely legal when they began an affair, and he was going through mental distress. August walked away severely heartbroken over the situation. Will and Jada both lied to the public when they acted like the "entanglement" was a surprise to Will and that he did not give his blessing, and they both introduced the world to this situation when they did the Red Table Talk and tried to push a false narrative about their open relationship. That is the danger in normalizing non-monogamy. When you're seeing examples that are representing an image that is not real, it influences you. Will admitted that because of Jada's traumas that she never believed in having a non-monogamous relationship. Will Smith also said that he didn't want marriage to feel like a prison. Marriage a "prison"?! You can get out of a marriage at any time, you can't get out of prison. That's how seeding happens. That's how people are primed, that's how you prime a society. Words hold power. Seeds are always being planted via media: news, celebrity platforms, advertising, etc. You can see what is being fed to us when you begin to pay attention. Now we're being told that we need to accept that being in an open marriage means it keeps you from being confined. It's very low energy...low vibration and worse, it hurts women.

Whenever the lines get blurred, whenever you try to mutate genes or introduce new variables you often get a terrible situation. New diseases have been created by people trying to test boundaries. Marriage is an energetic, spiritual agreement--we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings. The boundaries of what a marriage actually is should not be blurred.

A marriage is a commitment between two individuals who have agreed to forsake all others and walk as two individuals on one journey together. Let's not normalize anything that tries to redefine what marriage is actually supposed to be. Doing so hurts women in the end, and that hurt and trauma gets passed down through generations. Enough is enough. Find out more about Shay Your Love Diva and her #1 Love Coaching Program at Photo source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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