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Working Out Your Soul for your Spiritual Health

Every day, you can see people jogging along trails, biking to work, getting their “steps” in. It’s no secret that working out is the key to physical and mental health and wellbeing–not to mention longevity. The $1.6 billion fitness industry is part of everyday life–regardless of how in shape or out of shape we are. I recently had a thought: If only we treated our spiritual health with as much care as we do our physical health–how much better would our lives be if we “worked out” our souls every day? Those who know what I’m talking about get it. And this isn’t even about denomination, either. Just like physical exercise, there are so many ways we can practice our spirituality every day. Some of these ways include: 1. Meditation 2. Visualization

3. Manifestation

4. Journaling 5. Praying

6. Reading

7. Talking to God 8. Breath Work

9. Hypnosis

10. Singing Bowls (Sound Meditation)

No matter what your preference is, carving out time each day to turn inward and flex your spiritual muscle can do wonders for your overall health. This is a fantastic way to get your mind, body, and spirit aligned every day, so that it not only becomes second nature to you, but it becomes contagious to those around you! In the same way we all started out in a physical fitness regimen, sometimes it requires you starting at square one. Any of the above ideas will help get you started on the right track, but I absolutely recommend beginning with guided meditations. There are many free resources out there that provide guided meditations for you to listen to and help you learn the practice. At first, it can seem uncomfortable, unnatural, and you may have a lot of questions about if you’re doing it wrong or not. Before you can go there–relax! There is no wrong way to meditate! Like I said earlier, once you get started, you will get better as time goes on. You will soon understand why people like me have entire rooms in their home dedicated to meditation! Trust me, once you begin your practice–whatever it may be–you will begin to crave it as part of your every day routine! Journaling is another great place to begin. The key to using journaling as a spiritual practice is to think less and write more. Try to tune out your conscious mind as much as you can and let the words flow off of your pen onto the paper. You will be surprised at what comes out when you try this practice a few times. Keep your notebook in a safe place away from anyone’s prying eyes. And don’t even worry about your handwriting being legible enough to read. You may never need to go back and read the words you put down on the page. It’s about getting the thoughts and feelings out of your body. Manifestation is an art I teach all of my students in DIVA and Boss DIVA Universities. This practice is a delicate balance of hypnosis, meditation, and visualization, with the proper energy frequency in place. I teach my students how to manifest anything they want in their lives—and I mean anything. It is exactly how I have been able to drive my dream car, build my dream business, and fall in love with my own soulmate. Our spiritual health is just as important as our physical and mental health. Take time each day to devote to a spiritual practice of your own, and see over time how your ritual helps improve your quality of life and helps you attract abundance. Photo: Oluremi Adebayo via

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May 04, 2022

I thought I knew how to meditate until I attended that Zoom meditation you led us through a couple of Sundays ago. 😮 That was next level.

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