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The Power of Surrender

Elsa the Ice Queen said it best in Disney’s “Frozen,” when she sang “Let It Go,” but when it comes to having faith, trust, and surrendering to the Universe, it’s not as easy as singing a song.

When it comes to manifesting your desires and the life you want, surrendering is essential to the process. Unfortunately, when we hear the word “surrender,” it might send the message to the subconscious to “give up,” which is NOT the same thing.

Surrender is simply trusting that the universe, god, your soul, spirit guides, teachers, etc. are on your side, and what is meant for you will come to you in perfect timing. However, the one key thing to remember when you surrender is to understand that you are doing so knowing that what you desire already belongs to you. Work on your subconscious to eliminate the doubt, roadblocks, and anxiety that goes along with surrendering. Surrender is one of the best ways to activate feminine energy. Contrary to its counterpart, masculine energy is about control and giving. Feminine energy is about going with the flow, surrendering, and receiving.

Here are 3 ways you can practice surrendering in your everyday life. 1. Saying Less. Hear me out--I’m not trying to silence you completely. However, when we ladies are in the boardroom, running our household and corralling children, on a date, or in a therapy session, we get so excited to connect with others that we just let the words pour out of our mouths. Part of this is our desire for expression, which is wonderful. However, because this has become common practice for us, we can end up over-explaining, overcomplicating, commanding, and trying to control situations, conversations, and dynamics. Also, saying less will always provoke the person you’re with to say more, which is always exciting because you never know what will fall out of their mouths. Tips on how to do it: Next time you feel the need to share something personal in order to express empathy or relate to something someone is sharing with you, just try to respond with phrases like, “That’s really interesting,” or “I can understand why that made you feel that way.”

2. Detaching From Outcomes. When you’re a creative, imaginative, manifestation powerhouse, it’s hard not to become attached to outcomes in specific situations. In fact, the

idea of detaching from outcomes is almost contradictory to manifestation, but there is a difference. Manifestation is deciding on and pre-experiencing a desire in a spiritual way in order to call it forward. Detaching from outcomes, however, is disallowing yourself to know the job interview you went on will offer you six figures and thrust you into stardom, or deciding that the man you’re going to dinner with tonight is going to be Prince Charming.

Manifesting is knowing that your dream job will appear to you at the exact right time in your life and that one day, you will manifest your Prince Charming into being. You can make it happen, but you can’t call the shots, see what I mean? Tips On How to do it: Next time you feel yourself fantasizing about a person or a situation, check in with your emotions and say out loud, “whatever is meant for me will soon find me.” And while it would be nice for it to turn out a specific way, you understand that your actions or words are not going to necessarily dictate the outcome--as long as you are living as your highest self and prioritizing yourself.

3. Exercising Patience. This is a hard one, especially for successful, strong-willed boss divas! We are used to making the magic happen in our careers, in our social circles, and everywhere in between. However, you actually rarely have control over when something is going to happen in your life--especially if that involves another person. Understanding that you are only 50 percent of an equation, and allowing the other party grace will only help your light shine brighter and call forth your destiny. Tips On How to do it: Always check in with those emotions! Stop and notice when you are feeling frustrated, angry, or jumping to conclusions. Exercise your coping mechanisms--take a time out, put a “pin” in conversations and come back to them when you are less fired up, allow yourself to process your emotions. You will be better because of it. Now that you’re aware of the power of surrender, you can incorporate it into your daily affirmations and spiritual practice. Affirming out loud that you are surrendering is going to help program your subconscious mind and naturally lead you to stand in your trusting, feminine energy!

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Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith
30 août 2021

This was so amazing, I really need this.


I really enjoyed this. It was a quick reminder of who I am during my journey. Thank you!

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