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How to Find Your Soulmate

Everyone has a soulmate–in fact, everyone has multiple soulmates in a given lifetime. Whether it’s a best friend, a parent, your children, or your spouse–all soulmates enter into a soul contract before coming to Earth. But obviously, the term soulmate is most closely associated with your perfect partner, your romantic best friend–the man who was perfectly and divinely created for you. Romantic soulmates are designed to love one another unconditionally, which makes them highly sought after. As humans, we are designed for connection. In fact, we have an insatiable hunger for love, acceptance, and connection. And because we entered into a soulmate contract with our perfect partner and romantic best friend, we are consciously and unconsciously on a quest for them each and every day until we find them. One of the biggest misconceptions and myths about soulmates is that you’ll just “know him when you see him.” False. Don’t let Hollywood and romance authors fool you. It’s not exactly like that. It’s true–there may be something about that person when you cross paths that piques your interest, but you can’t put your finger on it. Oftentimes, people describe it as feeling like they’ve met each other before, but can’t figure out where. For the most part, though, unless you are in a place in your life where you have cleared your love blocks, opened your heart, and are ready for love to enter, you will not have the eyes to see him. I teach all of my clients in DIVA and Boss DIVA Universities how to call in their soulmate. After healing and clearing away your love blocks, which is a completely different process for everyone, you’re able to make the coveted blueprint of your perfect partner. When I say this, most people think I’m talking about describing how tall he is, how much hair he has or what color his eyes are. While it’s important to include physical traits, it’s vital to understand that these traits are the most flexible and your person may not look the way you thought he would. It’s not like ordering off the menu at a restaurant. But with that said–go off, sis! Absolutely build your perfect partner list to include his physical traits and what you want him to look like. Once you’ve completed that section, make a list of personality traits that you’d like him to embody. Is he masculine, funny, honest, loving, kind hearted, gentle? Is he fun-loving, take charge, professional, ambitious, and successful? Include it all! And get as specific as possible. And when you think you’ve gotten specific–get even more specific. I’m telling you, this list is the most important piece of the puzzle as you build the blueprint of your man. Once you list off his looks, his personality, move onto his life. Does he own a home, is he close with his family? Does he love to travel and explore new cultures? Is he a homebody or an adrenaline junkie? Is he someone who wants to have a big family like you do? Get aligned with where you want to go in life and make sure he has those traits as well. It’s important that you two are on the same page with what you want out of life. The next section will describe your relationship. How does he make you feel? How does he see you? How does he celebrate you and what kinds of things does he do for you daily to show he loves you? This is the most important section. Get VIVIDLY CLEAR on what you need in order to feel loved, secure, and taken care of. Only in that state can you be the woman he needs in return. If your needs aren’t getting met because you don’t know what they are, how will you ever know if they’re getting met or how do you even expect someone to begin to know how to meet them? If you can’t do that, then you won’t be able to be a partner to him, and the cycle of resentment will begin. And resentment is relationship cancer. The last section is planning your future together. What kind of house do you live in? Where is it? What does Christmas morning feel like for you? Let your pen flow as you open your heart and feel your world expand. See your life together and paint the picture. Once your perfect partner list is complete, circle the top 5 non-negotiables on the list. Hold yourself to those non-negotiables, and make them solid. Don’t pick height as a non-negotiable. Pick his HEART as a non-negotiable. That way you’ll have something to measure suitors against when you begin dating. This wish list is the way to call him forth. The universe will hear you loud and clear and understand the assignment. Want to get started? Get your customized love map to set you on your journey toward finding your soulmate at Photo Source: Jonathan Borba via

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