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Using Visuals to Program Your Mind, Attract What You Want

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

They say seeing is believing, and you know what? I agree. Our brains are so fascinating and complex that we are not even conscious of how energies, visuals, and vibrations around us determine our reality. For instance, have you ever moved into a new apartment or home, and neglected to put up any photos or posters on the walls for months at a time? Were you also living out of boxes for longer than you’d hoped? Unbeknownst to you, choosing to avoid “warming up” the home with decor and personalizing your space can bring your vibration way down.

Artists, poets, and some of the world’s most creative people believe in this idea. That’s why they choose to go places that inspire them, or have entire spaces dedicated to their crafts. Personalizing, decorating, and filling your space with colors, images, and visuals is the best way to expedite your manifesting.

The same goes for manifesting your ideal life. Vision boards are great ways to zone in on the things in life you are trying to accomplish. I believe in creating vision boards the old-fashioned way, with magazines, scissors, and poster board. I encourage my clients to fill the board with images of happy couples, happy families, destinations, words, and any visuals that they find inspiring to their dream lives. Hanging it up on your wall in plain view is what I also encourage. After a while, the vision board’s images and words become programmed into your subconscious mind and help you look for what you are truly seeking. The same concept goes for visuals around you that do not support what you are trying to manifest. Photos or art pieces that reflect sadness, loneliness, and despair are all working their ways into your subconscious mind. And unfortunately, doing you a disservice at the same time. You are not even realizing that by seeing those images every single day, your mind is being programmed to seek out those feelings as well. Additional tips:

  1. Make a collage vision board as your phone background. We look at our phones 1 billion times a day--that’s the perfect spot to decorate with some inspiring images of your future wedding, dream home, and career goals.

  2. Take it a step further and change the names of your folders to affirmations. Instead of “Travel,” change the folder’s name to “I am Traveling”; instead of “social,” change the folder’s name to “I am Connected.”

  3. Create small visual reminders of what you are manifesting for your office, car, bathroom, etc. Every time you see them, you’ll be raising your vibration and sending signals into the universe to attract exactly what you desire.

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