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How to Know His Text Messages Are Signs That He Likes You

How to Know His Text Messages Are Signs That He Likes You

You’ve been texting him for weeks… but is he interested in you? Are you just a filler during his spare time? A side note to entertain him? Wonder no more! I have five ways you can tell if he genuinely likes you. But before I share these helpful hints, I want you to understand that texting should never completely replace verbal conversation and when possible, face to face interaction.  We know current circumstances call for an abundance of textual relations. However, you want to be wise about the time and energy you are giving someone. The last thing I want you to do is waste all those high vibrations on someone who frankly… is not that into you.  Let’s discuss when he IS that into you and get you excited about recognizing when you’re on the verge of a blossoming relationship. There are many signs but here are the most telling.  He initiates a text. Does he start conversations without you having to bait him? Words of advice: don’t bait him. Truthfully, it’s a mistake I have made, but you should never have to force a man to interact with you. He should initiate- it tells you that he’s interested in getting your attention. He is showing you he wants to engage with you and he's comfortable with taking charge. A man who is not driven by pride or overly concerned with having his ego stroked will not find it inconvenient to be the initiator. He continues engagement. Now that he’s taken the first step, do you find yourself waiting hours or maybe days for him to respond to your messages? If he is intrigued by you, you should be the one who has to end the conversation. Otherwise you could message back and forth all day. You want him to take the lead as you build a system of trust. Breaking away from the tête-à-tête ought to feel bittersweet, you’re sorry it has to end but excited for the next. This will make him feel and begin to trust that you are someone who cares and both appreciates and respects the time he is investing.  He will text you good morning and/or good night. It's a sweet gesture that tells you you’re important enough to him that he cares to begin or end his day with connecting with you. This is not something most men will do out of obligation. If a man is bored, you won’t hear from him first thing in the morning or before he ends his evening. Don’t blow this sign out of proportion though. It’s very easy for this to happen out of habit or routine while dating. Try to keep the “good mornings” and “good nights” charming and luring.  He randomly shares interesting parts of his day with you. What’s more exciting in the beginning of a relationship or friendship than a random text in the middle of your day? To have someone see you as significant in their life is important. This means that they see you as worthy of attention no matter what is happening throughout the day. Whether they’re sharing the good, the bad or the irritating, you are being told that having you share in parts of their life is important to them.  He enjoys texting you, but would prefer to see you. So you text throughout the day, he’s initiating the conversation, staying engaged, it shouldn’t end there though. Within all of that conversation he should be showing interest in spending face to face time with you. He won’t pressure you if you’re not ready, but when you are he’ll be sure to make it happen. He sees your conversation as just a catalyst for building a relationship. He’ll be ready to take the next step and begin spending time with you in person. You won’t have to worry about him standing you up. If anything you’ll be the one late.  While these are only a few signs that he enjoys getting to know you, remember they aren’t the only ones. Stay wise, stay alert and attentive to the context clues. If he turns out to not be that into you, that’s okay. You are worthy of the attention of a man who will appreciate your time and energy spent on him. Don’t settle. 

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