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How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

Doing the Mental Work. “If you have received nothing from me yet, please receive that your progress and attainment of any goal, especially attracting a good man, starts in the mind first.” - A Single D.I.V.A’s Guide to the Science of Attracting Love Are you developing a mindset that will allow you the enjoyment of being in a relationship? Part of that is living in a state of gratitude. Making a commitment to focus on the blessings in your life versus dwelling on what you lack is a healthy practice to living in a constant state of gratitude. Recognizing the positives instead of feeding the negative energy helps you to manifest positive outcomes in your life. Our thoughts manifest behaviors and our behaviors create patterns. Believing you’ve been cursed with bad luck in relationships has caused you to subconsciously create an atmosphere inviting those negative energies into your life. My goal is to help you live on high vibrations: living a joyful, peaceful, happy existence. However, it must start with you wanting to do so for yourself and your life going forward.  3 Daily Tips to Get You Started:

  • Wake up and speak the things you are grateful for out loud.

  • Repeat your daily affirmations (For a daily affirmation, download the Cup Of Love app for free).

  • Make an effort to not complain, at least until noon, each day. 

Developing Confidence. A DIVA is not born; she is created. You must train your mind to become a DIVA. Whenever you walk into a room full of people, repeat to yourself, “I am a man magnet, and every man in this room wants to know who I am!” - A Single D.I.V.A.’s Guide to the Science of Attracting Love  Life events and relationships have a way of beating us up and knocking us down. No one is exempt. No one is so special that they’ll never face a moment in their life that challenges their confidence in the ability to do life successfully. But success is not in building a tough skin, but a resilient mind. You are a D.I.V.A! Meaning you are Divine, Intelligent, Vivacious and Alluring. Say it and believe it. Your flaws are a part of you but they do not determine your worth. Stand tall with the radiant glow of confidence. You will attract men you’d never thought would pay attention to you. Focus on your strengths, reassurance should come from what you’re gaining daily and your amazing qualities. Go back to your affirmations when you feel your insecurities starting to creep in. Remember confidence is sexy, electrifying and aromatic. Give yourself the okay to GLOW.  Healing Your Issues. Acknowledgement and forgiveness is where your healing journey will begin. Acknowledge that you have pain points that haven’t been dealt with thus far. Most women, myself included at one point, are dealing with the pain instead of healing from the pain. Mainly because we haven’t obtained the tools to do so. If so, they were momentary fixes and not healing for a lifetime which perpetuates the cycle. In recognizing your pain points, you can then face where they came from. Were they caused by parents, family, friends, or a heartbreak? Now, will you take the necessary steps to free yourself from those chains? Are you willing to forgive? Even those who are not honest about the pain they caused or those who won’t ask for your forgiveness? It’s a hard step, but necessary. To move forward you must scratch your record. Meaning, you have to break the cycle. A record never plays the same if you scratch. You must pivot your perspective to seeing a future where grudges are not comfortable but burdens. Know this: forgiveness does not always mean reconciliation. Most often, though, it does mean freedom.  I want you to live freely. In order for you to do that, you can’t allow yourself to be crippled by your past any longer. You deserve love. You deserve it in abundance, so create an atmosphere that allows the flow of positive energy your way. You got this Diva! 

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