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How To Tell When A Man Is Lying To You

How To Tell When A Man Is Lying To You

How often has your intuition told you that something wasn’t right? Did you listen to it or did you ignore that gut feeling? Why? In most cases, women know when they’re being lied to even if they don’t know what about. But how do you really recognize the lies for certain? Well I don’t want you kept in the dark any longer so let’s jump right into it. Unfortunately, lying is a common human behavior. There are a number of different types of lies. I will be focusing on instances dealing with lying by omission; fabricating, denial, exaggeration, and minimizing. People seem to be able to convince themselves and others that as long as they haven’t completely fabricated a story, a lie was not told. Diva, I’m here to tell you that is far from the truth. I have spent years researching the habits and interactions of men and women. In my past, I also endured years of deceit. So I come to you not just as an expert in the science of deceitful behavior, but with expertise from experience.  Being vague, unwilling to offer up details. Where were you last night? “Out with the guys.” What time do you get off? “Late.” “How’d your meeting go this weekend?” “Oh, it was fine.” Who was that on the phone? “No one important.” These are just a few examples and enough to make you anxious and want to pull out your hair. I know that it’s frustrating when you’re trying to engage in normal conversation with a partner and his reply is short and casual. But it shouldn’t just be frustrating, it should also be a red flag. Especially if you are a couple, whether dating or married, who share your day with one another. Omitting location, time, people who accompanied them and emotional connection to a situation are major signs of deception. When a man has a conversation with or is being asked a question by someone he is normally comfortable with and connects with emotionally, he will be compelled to divulge. He wants to connect with you, he enjoys sharing even little things with you. Let me tell you, my husband can’t wait to share his day with me when we come together during the day or after work. It’s important to him. If your man has lost interest in that connection and no longer sees it fit to make details a part of his conversations with you - Houston we have a problem.  Prolonged pauses after questions, then answering with a question. There’s really only three answers to why someone reacts this way when asked a question. They’re either hard of hearing, lack the intelligence to comprehend or are trying to pull together an answer because the truth is an admission of unacceptable behavior. For the sake of this topic and the odds, it’s the latter. Have you ever been drowned in the constant flow of “Huh,” “What,” “Say that again,” in the first five minutes of your conversation playing telephone? If so, you should be suspicious of that behavior. If not engaged in a game of telephone, you should be able to get the honest and appropriate answers to your questions. It is not normal, nor is it an honest reaction for someone to ask you back the same question you asked them, pausing before or after and then coming up with an answer… It’s deceptive. A huge, red flag. If you were in a cartoon, a huge neon sign would illuminate over his head saying: LIE LOADING. Your conversation is going nowhere fast and by the end of this merry-go-round, you’ll be fed up and just as uninformed as when it started. Don’t allow him to drain your energy and lower your vibrations. Once you realize it’s a dead end, turn around. Don’t wait until you reach the end of the street (the inevitable end of the relationship) only to have to turn around anyways with a greater loss of time and energy.  Lack of eye contact. One of the most telling signs of deception. Lack of eye contact means a lack of confidence in oneself. So unless you're dating an extremely timid man and he’s always had an issue looking in your eyes (which is still an issue), listen up. When a man is sure of himself and the words he speaks you will feel it, it burns through his eyes. Looking away when answering, preoccupying himself while you’re talking to him or eliminating eye contact all together are red flags. Not only is it a lack of respect towards you but an indicator that he desperately wants to avoid the topic of conversation. Be wise Queen, speaking the truth is power and power breeds confidence. Even if it’s something you may not want to hear, he wants you to believe what’s coming out of his mouth. Now he may look you in the eyes and lie without hesitation but I guarantee you other signs will be present. Like he makes eye contact but refuses to offer up details. Stay hip to the games Queen, so you don’t become a victim of them.

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Vicky DeLeon
Vicky DeLeon
16 de jun. de 2021

Great read!

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